We're changing employee benefits.

HRASimple’s Individual Coverage Health Reimbursement Arrangement (ICHRA) is a new, innovative employer-sponsored health benefit solution for employers. The ICHRA allows employers to strike a balance between employee health benefits and controlling costs.

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Why an ICHRA?

  • Employers save 10-15% on average against a traditional health plan
  • Employees choose plans right for their family, budget and medical needs
  • Employers reduce the administrative hassle of managing traditional health plan benefits
  • Employees benefit from availability of excess ICHRA funds to pay for qualified medical expenses

Why HRASimple?


HRASimple was the first in the country to administer an ICHRA for an employer with over 2,000 employees. We tap into decades of insurance industry experience to create services and service teams to meet client needs.

User-Friendly, Digital Administrative Tools

Our cloud-based digital tools walk employees step-by-step through the ICHRA process. Employers can manage their employees’ benefits with pre-set reports and easy to access tools.

Industry Innovators

HRASimple early on realized the opportunity of the ICHRA and soon after onboarded its first ICHRA client. Today we continue to identify and work on products and services positively impacting employer benefits.

Making your ICHRA simple.
Digital cloud-based tools.

Intuitive, self-guided ICHRA
management for employees

Convenient reporting and quick
account management for employers


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